EmergeOrtho Formed to Deliver Streamlined Orthopaedic Care Statewide


EmergeOrtho Formed to Deliver Streamlined Orthopaedic Care Statewide

Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. merges with three other NC practices to form one of the state’s largest physician-owned orthopaedic organizations

July 28, 2016— In a common mission to provide streamlined, patient-centered care, four independent orthopaedic physician groups across North Carolina have joined together to form a new practice called EmergeOrtho. With 49 office locations in 21 counties statewide, EmergeOrtho is one of the largest physician-owned orthopaedic practices in the country. Additional practices are poised to join during a second phase of expansion projected for early 2017.  The combined practices include 126 physicians and 237 physician assistants, nurse practitioners and therapists. With the projected 2017 expansion, there will be approximately 170 physicians in the practice.

The practices that combined to create EmergeOrtho are: Blue Ridge Bone and Joint of Asheville, Hendersonville and Arden; Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists with offices in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell and Catawba counties; OrthoWilmington with offices in New Hanover, Brunswick and Onslow counties; and Triangle Orthopaedic Associates of the greater Raleigh-Durham area.  The four practices will begin operating under the EmergeOrtho name on August 1, 2016.  Patients of each individual group practice should see no interruption in their care and services.

“We are very fortunate to be creating an alliance of four well-established physician practices with excellent reputations,” said Thomas Dimmig, MD, President of Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, who is also serving as president of the new group. “We united in order to preserve the private practice model, a standard of care that puts the patient first. The integrated group will allow these physicians to remain independent and provide their own higher quality, lower cost care.”

Integrating their network across North Carolina, all EmergeOrtho offices will use the same Electronic Health Records system. Patients treated for injury while on vacation, for example, can follow up with an EmergeOrtho provider in their hometown who has seamless access to their medical chart.

Dimmig emphasized that the new organization will continue to build on proven strategies and implement programs that improve outcomes and lower costs for patients. Ancillary services such as diagnostic imaging and physical therapy are available in most EmergeOrtho locations, and 12 offices provide MRI. Orthopaedic urgent care centers in 14 locations address emergent orthopaedic needs as a prompt, less expensive alternative to the ER. Additionally, each group is committed to the present and future alternative payment concepts, such as risk-sharing bundled payments, and all accept a broad range of insurance options.

“We chose the name EmergeOrtho because it describes the group’s mission,” says Dimmig, who helped coordinate the creation and naming process for the group. “The goal of orthopaedics is for patients to emerge from treatment, their illness or injury healed. Through excellent care, patients can emerge stronger and healthier, better able to lead an active life.”

“EmergeOrtho is the result of nearly two years of collaborative, collegial effort among the groups and their physician leadership,” said Charles Wilson, CEO of Triangle Orthopaedic Associates and acting CEO of EmergeOrtho. “While we have created a new statewide group practice, we remain committed to serving our patients and local communities by providing the highest quality care and services our patients have come to know and trust.”


Since 1952, Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. has been at the forefront of orthopaedic care in the City of Medicine and takes pride in offering the best in musculoskeletal and specialty care.  Now in over 12 counties, 23 locations, and 9 Orthopaedic Urgent Care Centers in the Greater Triangle region, Triangle Orthopaedics has expanded their services lines by offering complimentary specialty care such as Rehabilitation Medicine, Physical and Occupational Therapy, traditional in-house, mobile, and open MRI scanners, CT, Rheumatology, General & Bariatric Surgery, Breast Care, Neurology, Bone Health, Wound Care, and Vein therapy, which offers patients greater access to healthcare under one umbrella.  Triangle Orthopaedics is made up of 64 physicians and 119 mid-level providers in the Greater Triangle region. For more information on Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., visit triangleortho.com.


Founded in 1987, Blue Ridge Bone & Joint’s subspecialty clinics offer complete evaluation of the joint and musculoskeletal systems, with expertise in preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic orthopedic focusing on full-motion living. Subspecialty clinics include Foot & Ankle, Hand Elbow & Shoulder, Hip & Knee, Interventional Physiatry, Sports Medicine and Spine. BRBJ also offers physician-covered orthopaedic urgent care, walk-in clinic services.

With more than 150 years of combined experience in the treatment of orthopaedic diseases, Blue Ridge’s board-certified physicians offer a full range of quality medical services at two locations in Asheville, one in Arden and one in Hendersonville. For more information on Blue Ridge Bone & Joint, visit brbj.com.



Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists was founded in 1998 when Catawba Orthopaedic Specialists, Burke Orthopaedic Associates and Caldwell Orthopaedics merged to create the Unifour’s largest orthopaedic practice.  The physicians of Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists have provided comprehensive orthopaedic care in the Unifour area for over 37 years.  The practice offers 20 physicians with a variety of subspecialties within orthopaedics, including sports medicine, spine, hip and knee joint reconstruction and revision, hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, trauma and PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).  The team also includes 15 mid-level providers that assist the surgeons and care for patients.

Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists offers six convenient locations in Hickory, Newton, Lenoir, Morganton, Valdese and Taylorsville.  For patients’ convenience, the practice also offers a walk-in orthopaedic clinic, Ortho Quick Care, at the Hickory location (2165 Medical Park Drive).  Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists offers a complete range of services including diagnostic testing, treatment, rehabilitation and pain management.  For more information on Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists, visit www.carolinaortho.com.



OrthoWilmington is the regional referral center for comprehensive orthopaedic care. The practice offers 23 fellowship-trained and board-certified experts in a variety of subspecialties within orthopaedics, including spine, sports medicine, hip and knee joint reconstruction and revision, hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, trauma and PM&R (physical medicine and rehabilitation). The medical team also includes 19 physician assistants, and three nurse practitioners.

OrthoWilmington’s offices are headquartered at 2716 Ashton Drive and 3787 Shipyard Boulevard in Wilmington, with multiple locations in New Hanover, Brunswick and Onslow counties. In addition to the full range of specialty orthopaedic care and the walk-in convenience of AccessOrtho, OrthoWilmington offers physical therapy services through all office locations, and a high-field MRI Imaging Center at the Shipyard Boulevard office.

For more information on OrthoWilmington, visit www.orthowilmington.com.


For more information regarding this story, please contact Chris Adkins, CAO, Triangle Orthopaedic Associates: CAdkins@triangleortho.com


First Outpatient Knee Replacement Performed at Triangle Orthopaedics Surgery Center, LLC

For Immediate Release: January 8, 2016

Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.

Contact Person: Chris Adkins, CAO
E-mail: cadkins@triangleortho.com

Triangle Orthopaedics Surgery Center (TOSC) has performed its first outpatient knee replacement.  Instead of spending multiple nights in a hospital, the patient was able to have surgery in the morning and recover at home in the afternoon.  As a single-specialty surgery center dedicated to Orthopaedics, TOSC provides consumer-focused care with better control over the clinical environment than larger organizations such as hospitals.   TOSC is 100% physician owned, allowing physicians to personally guide innovative strategies in care delivery, such as performing joint replacements in an outpatient setting.

“National trends are moving towards performing Orthopaedic procedures, including joint replacement, in an outpatient center.  Triangle Orthopaedics is on the forefront in North Carolina by bringing this high level specialty care to our patients that require joint replacement.  We strive to provide solutions for patients in a safe and affordable surgical environment which allows them to start their recovery at home where they are most comfortable,” says Dr. William Hage.  Dr. Hage, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. and the Medical Director of TOSC, performed the surgery.

“We provide superior patient care for a procedure that can sometimes require a several day hospital stay.  Our goal was to accomplish this without sacrificing patient safety while still providing pain control and maximizing early ambulation,” says Dr. Scott McCulloch, anesthesiologist.  “We are excited to soon extend this outpatient service to include total knee, hip and shoulder replacements.” McCulloch is with Regional Anesthesia, PLLC and serves on the Medical Executive Committee for TOSC.

Howard Mullins, Administrator at TOSC, states, “We take pride in patient-centered care, high quality outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and decreased out-of-pocket costs.  As an Ambulatory Surgery Center, we offer increased flexibility based on the individual patient’s needs, including more individual control over personal postoperative recovery.”

TOSC is conveniently located near the intersection of ACC Boulevard and Brier Creek Parkway in Raleigh.  TOSC opened in February of 2013 to provide more cost-effective and efficient ambulatory surgical services than hospital-based or multidisciplinary operating rooms.  The shift from inpatient to outpatient services is pushing innovation, and many surgical procedures are less invasive than before.   Traditionally, an inpatient hospital stay was required for all joint replacement procedures.  Advances in surgical technique, implants, comprehensive blood management, and multimodal pain management have markedly reduced the hospital stay and have virtually eliminated the need for extensive formal rehabilitation. As outpatient joint replacements become possible, TOSC furthers its mission of increasing accessibility to affordable quality medical attention for North Carolinians.

For more information on Dr. Hage and Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., please visit:  http://www.triangleortho.com

For more information on Triangle Orthopaedics Surgery Center please visit: www.triangleorthosurgerycenter.com

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Triangle Orthopaedics opens 8th Orthopaedic Urgent Care in Oxford Office

Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. will be opening a new orthopaedic urgent care in Oxford on March 2, 2015. This Orthopaedic Urgent Care Health Center or “OUCH Center” is the eighth urgent care Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. has opened across the Triangle area and is located at: 107 E. McClanahan St, Oxford, NC.

“We’re very proud to extend our orthopaedic urgent care services to the Granville County Area, “TOA President Dr. Thomas Dimmig said. “It will make a great addition to all that we offer at Triangle Orthopaedics.”

The campus is fully staffed with trained orthopaedic professionals who can treat a wide array of conditions including musculoskeletal pain and injuries, post-surgical pain and complications, fractures, wounds and lacerations.

The OUCH Centers were created with two major goals in mind, improving accessibility to care and improving responsiveness to patients’ emergent orthopaedic needs. OUCH Centers offer patients a less expensive and less stressful alternative to the Emergency Room (ER) by giving patients the ability to avoid long wait times, exposure to others’ conditions and the lengthy sequence of referrals a patient must follow to receive specialized care in the ER.

The OUCH Centers accept walk-ins and patients are usually seen in less than an hour. Also contrary to ER visits, billing practices are tightly controlled. The highest copay tier is not imposed at OUCH Center visits. If a patient has a co-pay, he or she simply pays the specialist co-pay.

OUCH Centers are also located in Apex, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Southpoint, Wake Forest, and Wilson. For more information on our new Oxford “OUCH Center” and Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.,

please visit: www.triangleortho.com