Hand Therapy Week!

Hand Therapy Occupational Therapy


Here at Triangle Orthopaedics, our Occupational Therapists treat a variety of conditions and diseases.  Our Occupational Therapists are Certified Hand Therapists (CHT), and they specialize in evaluation and treatment of the upper extremities.

Individualized rehabilitation programs consist of modalities for pain relief, supervised exercise programs, custom splint fabrication, and a variety of evaluation tools to provide objective information and up-to-date progress results. Home program participation is highly emphasized. Our Certified Hand Therapists work in tandem with our Hand Surgeons providing excellent Hand and Upper extremity care in multiple locations across the greater Triangle area.

Our hand therapists utilize specialized evaluations and treatment for upper extremity acute, post-traumatic, and repetitive strain injuries for Workers’ Compensation patients injured on the job, dedicated to helping businesses and industry control the frequency and resulting costs of on-the-job injuries.

For more information please visit our website at triangleortho.com or call us at (919) 220-5255.




Nutrition: What’s In Season for June?

Eating fresh produce is a big step in the right direction for both weight maintenance and achieving healthy weight loss. Kristin Kelly is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina – a division of Triangle Orthopaedics. She shares that including fresh produce daily provides a boost of vitamins and minerals responsible for immunity and essential bodily functions. Vegetables, in particular, are dense in fiber and have a very low calorie impact. Make half your plate veggies at the lunch and dinner meal to keep calories in check! North Carolina is a great state to get fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally. Here’s what’s in peak season for the month of June!


Get 'em While the Gettings Good! (1)

Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina, a division of Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, PA, provides surgical and nonsurgical solutions for weight loss.   Dr. Paul EnochsDr. Jon BruceDr. Michael TynerDr. Scott Bovard and Dr. David Pilati are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality care using the most advanced bariatric surgery techniques.

Please contact BSNC at 919-234-4468 for more information.