Pros and Cons of a Hip Arthrodesis

Considering Hip Arthrodesis

For some patients with severe arthritis or a hip injury, an artificial hip may become worn out over time from hard labor after surgery.   As a result, your Triangle Orthopaedics surgeon may recommend a hip arthrodesis.  A hip arthrodesis is the fusion of the thighbone to the pelvis.  Metal screws and metal plates are used for the fusion to lock the hip in the correct position.

The main goal of a hip arthrodesis is to alleviate pain for the patient.  Post-surgery, the patient will walk with a limp as the joint is removed during the hip arthrodesis surgery.

During a consultation with our Triangle Orthopaedics specialists, you will learn more about the hip arthrodesis procedure and find out if the surgery could be a good solution for your hip pain.  Typically, this surgery is only recommended for patients who have explored all other pain management options, including:

  • Pain medications
  • Splints
  • Normally-indicated treatments
  • Hip replacement surgery

A hip arthrodesis is not the best solution for every patient. To learn more about your own hip condition and if a hip arthrodesis is the best fit for your individual needs, please contact Triangle Orthopaedics today.

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Considering a hip arthrodesis is a major decision, but with our Triangle Orthopaedics team, you are not alone with all of the surgery’s considerations.  Call Triangle Orthopaedics today at 800-359-3053 to learn more about the hip arthrodesis and other hip procedures we offer at our North Carolina clinics.