Posterior Lumbar Discectomy Recovery

Recovering from Posterior Lumbar Discectomy Surgery

Lumbar microdiscectomy surgery is typically performed to relieve pain along the sciatic nerve from disc herniation.  This procedure has been improved to allow for decrease recovery time, less pain, and yielding a higher success rate than ever before.

During your operation preparations, your team at Triangle Orthopaedics will discuss the best methods to ensure that you recover as quickly and effectively as possible.  We will discuss some of the limitations that you may encounter post-surgery, including:

  • Limited bending
  • Decreased twisting and lifting
  • Restricted patient activity for up to six weeks post-surgery

These restrictions differ from patient to patient, and will be discussed with you in-depth during your visits to Triangle Orthopaedics.  The limitations may be considerable shorter based on your individual medical history and case.  During a consultation with one of our surgeons, all of your questions about microdiscectomy surgery will be answered, and you will learn more about your individualized recovery plan.

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